Simply put, the Tour de l’Ain could not exist without the many volunteers who contribute to this gigantic organization. A good two hundred of them accomplish the multiple daily tasks in reception, security, stewardship, catering at the departure village and many other that you don’t even know exist.

Early in the morning, some set out to mark out the route — an important mission if ever there was one. They also relay back any event that might disrupt the passage of the race and check that everything is in place. Stewards will then take up their positions at various intersections. Motorbike notwithstanding, the presence of stewards is essential for the safety of the riders.

During this time, the teams in charge of setting up the start and finish areas keep very busy. Everything will be set up according to an order and ritual that is carefully followed.

Who are all these volunteers?

Always passionate people, retirees or people who want to give a little of their time to help make this annual event a success. It is also a way to experience this amazing race from the inside; to be a active part of it; to be one of its actors.

You who love cycling, come and join this team. There will always be a role to fill, a job to accomplish. And you’ll get a lot of personal satisfaction out of it.

Do you want to be part of this great adventure?

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