U17 Tour de l’Ain
10 April 2023

Since 2003, the Tour de l’Ain U17 (cadets) takes place a few minutes before the professionals… This will always be the case this year!

Led by Christian Périchon and Ludovic Dubois, the cycling educators understood the importance of the team’s collective contribution to everyone’s victory: it is on this educational value of group spirit and solidarity that the Tour de l’Ain U17 developed. Every day, the best team is rewarded.

Played by 30 teams (7 different nations) of 5 riders, the Tour de l’Ain U17 is above all a sporting event, allowing young riders to share their passion in a unique environment.

Organized on each stage final of the professional race, the event allows everyone to live the intensity of a race by stages, on courses online. The steps:
1 – Chatillon sur Chalaronne > Tonic Plain
2 – Order > Lex
3 – Belleydoux > Lélex Monts-Jura


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